Privacy Policy

WHAT Personal Data Do We Collect and WHEN?

We ask you tor certain personal data to provide you with the products or services you request. For example, when you make purchases, contact our consumer

services, request to receive communications, create an account, participate in our events or contests, or use our Sites or Apps.

This personal data includes your:

• contact details including name, email, telephOne number and shipping, billing address;

• login and account information, including screen name, password and unique user ID;

• personal details including gender, hometown, dale ot birth and purchase history;

• payment or credit card information;

• images, photos and videos;

• data on physical characteristics, including weight, height and body measurements (such as estimated stride and shoe/loot measurements or apparel size);

• fitness activity data provided by you or generated through our Sites or Apps (lime, duration, distance, location, calorie count, pace/stride); or

• personal preferences including your wish list as well as marketing preferences.

We collect additional personal data from you to enable particular features within our Siles and Apps. For example, we request access to your phone's location data

to log your run route, your contacts to allow you to interact with your friends, your calendar to schedule a training plan or your social network credentials to post

content from an App to a social network. This personal data includes your:

• movement data from your device's accelerometer;

• photos, contacts and calendar information;

• sensor data, including heart rate and (GPS) location data; or

• social network information, including credentials and any information from your public posts about Malibu Selfies™ or your communications with us.

When interacting with our Sites and Apps, certain data is automatically collected from your device or web browser. This data includes:

• Device IDs, call state, network access, storage information and battery information; and

• Cookies, IP addresses, referrer headers, data identifying your web browser and version, and web beacons and tags.